Privacy Pod Phone Booth (Promo)

$8,980.00 $5,800.00

A space saving pod suitable for making important calls, discussion, quiet moment and short getaway from stress.
We believe that this affordable comfortable ventilated space will increase the employees’ productivity in the modern open-concept office environment.



Technical Specifications​

Description: Single Acoustic Phonebooth (Whole Unit) –

Colour choice: Black / Ivory White
Glass door: Right Handed Open
Function: Sound insulation private pod
Walls and Roof: Stainless steel.
Multi layered (6) structures ensuring echo free space.
Exterior & Interior: Modern Trendy Functional
Anti-static and stain resistant carpet
Electric socket, continuous air circulation system with Manual Switch

Electric power socket + USB charging
Air circulation fans located on top of the booth.
Air channels inside floor and roof modules.
Power plug 🔌 on the right side back of booth
Integrated LED lighting.
Table top color: White
c/w 1 x High Stool
Main Frame: 1.2mm thickness Galvanized steel
Interior : With fabric lining for soundproof and decoration
Glass door: 8mm tempered clear glass door with handle
Frame : 60*60*3.0mm Galvanized rectangular tube
Left and Right Wall: 1.2mm thickness Galvanized steel
Back wall : Fixed glass panel
Power Supply : 110~120V or 220~240V
Outside measures: 1000W x 1000W x 2170-2200H (mm)
Door: 84 cm, requires +90 cm
Inside measures: 800 x 920-960 x 2000H (mm)
Weight: Ard 350 kg


  • This is a Whole unit set (no installation required)
  • All entrance including lobby, lift, door must be able to fit this unit in entirely.


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